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Online Personal Training Services

Online Personal Training is here! Finally you can get the highest quality personal training in your own home. Even more important you get feedback. There are a large amount of very good videos and tv shows out there as well as wonderful web training sites but what set this site above all the rest is we start you out with absolutely necessary assessments and give you feedback all along the way. Getting stronger and more fit is what most people want and everybody wants to avoid injury. If you don't know you are doing something wrong how can you avoid injury. If you strengthen an inappropriate movement pattern then you will get stronger and more likely suffer from injuries, both minor and major. This program is designed to avoid that, correct problems, teach success and meet the needs of the beginning exerciser as well as the seasoned athlete.

Technical needs for weblive personal training
The technical equpment needed for online personal training includes a computer, DSL or other fast internet connection, a webcam (Logitech 9000 pro is suggested), and SKYPE software (free download).

Reebok Movement Screens
We use a series of screens to highlight any movement issues you may have so that we can cue into past, current or even future difficulties you might experience. The screens are quick, easy and give immediate feedback.

Corrective Programs
We use the Reebok movement screens, medical prescriptions, other assessments and history to create programs to correct for problems we all may have. These programs may include a few simple exercises and stretches or much more complex longer programs to be used prior to more traditional training programs. Every exercise program should start with this process!

Online Training Program options

There are three different forms of online personal training:

  • WebLive Training: Cooper Mind and Body uses webcams and SKYPE to do live time personal training. This is the purist form of online training and works perfect for someone who has the need or desire for live personal training. Assessements, interviews, goal setting and workouts are done as if you were in a gym with a live trainer. The great thing here-you don't leave the house and you receive the best personal training money can buy. You receive immediate feedback, communication, correction and motivation for your own home!
  • Recorded Workouts: You record your workout as sent to you, send it in to Cooper Mind and Body and we respond with feedback, correction and your next workout. Great for someone who might be working out at an odd time, only needs some communication or needs to be kept accountable for their workouts.
  • Online Programs: This option is for the client who only needs program design. We will send you each and every workout in a progressive based outline. Included are explanation and even video of the proper form for each exercise. These online programs can be designed for sport performance and/or general wellness, health and strength

Online Training Program Package Options

  • Assessment Package $150-includes Reebox Movement Screen, Postural Assessment and Initial Corrective Exercise Program.
  • WebLive Training-$60 for 1hour
  • WebLive Training -$35 for 1/2 hour
  • Review of recorded session with feedback response and next workout-$25
  • 1 month of workouts including descriptions with pictures of the exercises-$25
Program Package options
  • 4 weblive training sessions-$230
  • 4 1/2 hour weblive training sessions-$136
  • 8 weblive training sessions-$440
  • 8 1/2 hour weblive training sessions-$264
  • 12 weblive training sessions-$650
  • 12 1/2 hour weblive training sessions-$384
  • 24 weblive training sessions-$1250
  • 4 reviewed sessions-$96
  • 8 reviewed sessions-$184
  • 12 reviewed sessions-$276
  • 24 reviewed sessions-$504
  • 4 weblive training sessions, 4 reviewed sessions-$310
  • 4 1/2 hour weblive training sessions, 4 reviewed sessions-$206
  • 4 weblive training sessions, 8 reviewed sessions-$380
  • 4 1/2 hour weblive training sessions, 8 reviewed sessions-$280
  • 8 weblive training sessions, 4 reviewed sessions-$520
  • 8 1/2 hour weblive training sessions, 4 reviewed sessions-$340

To purchase packages please go to the pricing page

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